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Signal 2017 Summer: CLOSED 
Signal 2017 October: CLOSED

Signal 2017 November: Begins week of November 14, 2017

The first 4 weeks are no-cost to join -- you'll experience the power of Signal and develop your own "Signal Plan", a plan that helps identify how you'd demonstrate your way to a dream job.


TUITION:  $5,000 (or $599 per month over 10 months)
* Payment is not due until after the first four-week introduction.

TIME COMMITMENT:  Creating as an Author is one of the most unique experiences of your life -- you'll be pushed, challenged and changed.  It's the experience your friends and parents wished they'd had in college.  To get the most out of the course, you should think of this like taking a three (3) credit college class, where all the assignments and projects are writing-based. For many of you, working on something you're passionate about will be something you think about all the time, but rest assured, this experience isn't something that will require you to drop everything.  It's really a way to focus your energy on what you love anyways.  As you dive further into creating your book, you'll realize it's more than a class -- it's truly an experience.  


Each week we'll have approximately three hours of "course work" that'll include:

  • online lectures

  • group video discussions

  • one-on-ones with coaches/editors

  • time with a fellow participant "writing partner"  

You'll also have regular weekly assignments ranging from:

  • interviewing experts

  • online research

  • developing theories

  • writing/creating chapters

  • developing cover/interior design ideas

  • getting book blurbs

  • developing marketing materials

  • coordinating your launch event 


Prior participants say this class is consistent with with workload of their other courses (despite the fact you are creating a 150 page book).


THE OUTCOME OF THIS PROGRAM:  A published book (paperback and eBook). But more than just a book, you'll have a clearer picture of your own path, a network to help you get there and proof of your expertise and depth about something you truly care about. Our alumni use their books to:

  • land jobs they never thought possible,

  • launch new products, services and businesses,

  • create speaking tours,

  • gain access to conferences and events,

  • start podcasts,

  • get paid to consult,

  • meet their heroes,

  • get into graduate schools,

  • and so much more.


Being a published author will truly transform the way others see you -- and then our goal is to help you use this tool to land your dream job, launch a product/service or create new opportunities. It's more than a book: this is an incredible way to demonstrate your purpose to the world. 


NOTE:  If you are accepted, securing your seat is on a first come, first serve basis.

Your Application


The application will take you approximately 15 minutes to complete.

For more details on common questions, please read the FAQ.

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