Why be an Author?

The bSchool (Book School) program is an in-person and online (virtual) course to discover and demonstrate your purpose through the creation of a book.

Created in 2016 by Eric Koester, the two time Georgetown University entrepreneurship professor of the year, the bSchool program asks participants the question at the heart of everything:


What is your purpose and how can you demonstrate it to others?

Based on Professor Koester's innovative research, he found that success doesn't automatically come from prestigious degrees or high profile jobs.  Success comes from what we create -- how we credibly demonstrate our expertise.  Today's most successful young people, create their own credibility through books, podcasts, event series, research and more.  And this class is designed to enable each person to do the same to achieve their goals.

However our bSchool program is not a book writing course.  It's program for creators that empowers you to discover what you love, search for a problem you can answer, connect with thought leaders to gather stories, and create a manuscript.  We use cutting edge methodologies including idea generation, opportunity recognition, customer discovery, hypothesis experimentation, digital marketing, influencer engagement and much more.  We use these tools to develop the product at the heart of your credibility: a book.

The bSchool program is synchronous, with regular deadlines, group discussions and face-to-face video calls. The program is coached, not taught with regular assignments posted publicly in Quip and thousands of messages exchanged between students, coaches and editors. Students enrolled in the live program through Georgetown University in Washington, D.C. will attend in-person programming.  While online (virtual) participants will participate from their home or workplace.

The program takes place in two three-and-a-half month parts (approximately 8-9 months in total).  In the first part of the program, you'll view lectures, engage in small group discussions and complete weekly assignments that lead you to the creation of a first draft of your manuscript.  Along the way, you'll work with class partners and have the support of a developmental editor, a trained individual who will coach you through the creation of stories, lessons, chapters and ultimately a manuscript.  In the second part of the program, you'll focus on revising your manuscript, working with a team of designers to create covers and interior layouts and develop a launch plan.  We'll help craft a strategy to launch your book in a way that helps you achieve your personal goals: (a) landing a dream job or role; (b) getting paid for your knowledge through speaking or consulting; (c) launching a new product or service; or (d) creating new opportunities for yourself.

Tuition for our bSchool program is $5,000 (which is paid in two parts).  Attending participants include both currently enrolled college students and recent graduates early in their career.  Current students come from all majors and backgrounds, undergrad and grad programs, native and non-native English speakers, technical and non-technical individuals and people from all levels of writing proficiency.  Recent graduates come from startups and fortune 500 companies, people with a startup or business idea and individuals interested in more rapidly climbing the career ladder.

The program is facilitated by Eric Koester, an award winning professor of entrepreneurship at Georgetown University, serial entrepreneur and venture capitalist.  Admission is by application only.

Research into  Credibility 


Credibility is the currency of influence. Historically your influence was tied to the institutions you were connected with like schools or jobs, but today credibility is the combination of your purpose and how you demonstrate it to those you seek to influence.

Eric Koester has studied the power of Credibility in today's world, and found that individuals with stronger credibility are succeeding earlier in their careers.  Individuals who have a clear articulation of their purpose and are actively demonstrating that purpose, thrive in today's world.


Through our bSchool program experience we found that participants strengthened their credibility by 30%, whereas comparing to students in traditional business school courses saw no observable increase in self-assessed strength of credibility.


We know it's important to discover your purpose sooner in life to avoid churn, job hopping and early career frustrations.  Now we've developed a way to help students identify that purpose sooner and use the Creating as an Author process to demonstrate that purpose to lead to better early career outcomes.  

About Eric  Koester 

Professor, Entrepreneur & Coach

Eric is the first multi-time winner of Georgetown's Entrepreneurship Professor of the year, has received multiple perfect teaching evaluation scores from his students and has developed dozens of innovative new courses and curriculums designed to help people discover and demonstrate their purposes.  Eric has lectured at Berkeley, Emory and Columbia, has given workshops at the White House and World Bank, and has spoken at companies including Microsoft, Google, Booz Allen, Capital One and many others.

He stumbled into his own 'credibility through authorship' in high school when a chance opportunity from a family friend fell into his lap and he wrote his first book as a sophomore in high school.  Lest you think it was a page turner, the topic was about the emerging markets and technologies of plastics recycling.  Mastio & Associates published the follow-up to his first two self-published works. Eric went on to publish Starting a High Tech Business Venture (Taylor & Francis), and The Green Entrepreneur Handbook (CRC Press).   

Eric has founded or cofounded numerous businesses (including two venture backed businesses), was the managing director of a $25 million venture capital fund (raised in 2013) and today runs the Creator Institute.  He is focused on empowering individuals discover and demonstrate their purpose through the tools of innovation, startups, writing, intrapreneurship and experimentation.  Learn more at www.EricKoester.com.