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Looking for Doers & Dreamers:

Are you ready to create the book to change your trajectory?

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We all want to find our dream job, launch our own company or have an impact. Now is the time to find yours. Discover your purpose. Develop your depth. And demonstrate your purpose to others, through the power of creating a book.

We created Signal Class to empower the doers, the creators and the dreamers.  The people who aspire to do great things.

Founded by Georgetown Professor Eric Koester, it's not for everyone. But your book could change your trajectory. 


Our Signal Alums have published...

Is Signal Class for you?

Signal Class is designed to help you discover your purpose and demonstrate that purpose through the book creation process.  In some ways, it's like launching a startup -- where the product is a book.  You'll go through a self-evaluation to identify what you truly get excited about and what can most radically impact your trajectory.  We help you build your network through the content gathering process with expert interviews.  And we teach you how to create a 150-plus page book through our unique approach.  It's practical, it's hands-on and it's incredibly unique.

Signal Class is best for the creators, doers and dreamers. If you fit that mold, then read on for more information about the program.

Admission is selective.  We look for individuals that have high ambition, a true interest in self-discovery, offer an entrepreneurial spirit and look to be open and transparent.  

The program isn't for the faint of heart.  Think of the experience much like creating and publishing your book while taking a three (3) credit course -- the entire process takes place over the equivalent of two semesters (about 7-8 months).  That said, 95% of our participants had never written more than a 10 page paper, but were able to publish a 150-plus page book.


If you have more questions about the program itself, read up on the most common questions in our FAQ

Our Signal Alumni Network

Part of the reason Signal Class participants succeed comes from sharing the experience with others -- your group becomes a bit like family as you help one another, push one another, keep one another accountable and ultimately celebrate your book launches together.

Our network of alums continue to engage even after the program ends -- working to support one another's startups, speaking tours, and much more.

Here are some of the quotes from recent alums:

"I’m really proud of what I’ve done and really grateful for what I have done.  I can’t say enough about the experience I’ve had writing this book. And for it to come to fruition, it’s going to be pretty surreal."

- Nick Wareham (Sophomore)

"Even going before, just realizing that you may not think you’re able or capable of putting a book together but it’s a testament that step after step you can build something pretty remarkable in the end."

- William McDonald (Junior)

"I do think this book can land me my dream job because it’s opened already conversations for me with people that I never thought I’d be talking to and had the honor."

- Beatriz Perret (Junior)

"I realized in the beginning of this class that this book was going to be more important to me professionally, academically and personally than just a bullet point on a resume or a grade, some sort of class project. It was going to be really integral to my future."

- Maryn Cannon (Junior)

"If someone told me a year ago that on April 25th, I’ll be a published author, I’ll be 100% wouldn’t believe them.  I’m nervous but mostly excited because I can see all of the hard work coming together."

- Jaclyn DiGregorio (Senior)

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