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How do you stand out from the crowd?

Do something EPIC this summer...

Create & Publish Your Book.

Introducing the summer bSchool program. Our bSchool program will help more than 100 college and early career professionals publish books in 2018.


And this summer, 25 high potential high school students will join them as published authors

Our award-winning Book School (bSchool) program was designed to help young people develop their expertise and demonstrate credibility to stand out in today's competitive world.

In June 2018, Georgetown Professor and Serial Entrepreneur Eric Koester will offer this program to a selected group of high school rising juniors and seniors, as well as incoming college freshmen and sophomores.

In our summer bSchool (Book School) program, we start with a rigorous process to find out what motivates you, what drives you and what gets you excited to attack.  We help you turn that focus -- your purpose -- into a book topic that can be used as a powerful tool to create opportunities faster... way faster.

Discover your interests & Passions.

Hone your writing skills.

Stand out with a published book.

Could I really write a book

Yes, you really can.


High School Senior

Publishing August 2018


High School Senior

Publishing January 2019

Andrew has a fascination with the brain, some of which comes from his own journey to recover from a spinal cord injury.  His book explores the future of brain and computer interfaces (BCIs) and he's connected and interviewed with some of the top research scientists and entrepreneurs in the emerging world of BCIs for his book on track to be published in August 2018.

"There is nothing stopping any high school student from creating a book with this process."

Miracle is the founder of OpportuniME, The MIRACLE Organization and was named one of Mogul, Inc.’s “50 High School Students You Need to Know About“.  She's exploring the power of increasing the entrepreneurial mindset for high school and grade school students, and believes an increase in opportunities at an earlier age leads to more successful entrepreneurial ventures.

"I saw the look on the faces of Professor Koester's students and immediately knew I wanted to create my book too, and thankfully he was open to extending this to students in high school."

How it  Works 


Manuscript Creation Experience: June 4, 2018 to August 31, 2018

Publishing & Promotion Experience: September 2018 to January 2019


You'll publish your book the first week of February 2019 


Twelve Weeks to a Manuscript.  You'll spend your summer creating your manuscript over a twelve-week period from the beginning of June to the end of August.  The program will involve weekly lectures and coaching sessions, daily check-ins and assignments, and regular feedback from a team of coaches and developmental editors.

Participate from Anywhere.  The experience is virtual -- meaning you can participate from anywhere so long as you have internet access for the program.  You'll participate in a collaborative, coached experience using cutting edge tools like Zoom for video conferencing, Quip for document collaboration and People Grove for landing interviews for your book.

Flexible for Success.  We anticipate students will spend 3-4 hours per day working on book-related activities over the summer.  You'll have key milestones throughout the summer including booking and completing interviews for your book, researching core elements, writing stories and developing your manuscript.  But you won't sit in a classroom -- you'll do the work during the times that work for you, and connect with coaching and instruction at set times.

Publish a REAL Book.  Each author will be completing assignments designed to help them publish a 25-35,000 word book (170-200 pages).  Throughout the summer, the student-author will be learning-by-doing from a combination of interviews with experts, research from the top minds in their field and writing activities designed to create a book that will help the student-author stand out.


Four Months from First Draft to a Published Book.  Once student-authors submit their first draft, the schedule will change such that student-authors will begin their school terms again and will be spending less time per day on the book -- but will begin activities such as revisions, cover design, interior layouts and development of their marketing and promotional plan.

Publish Your Paperback & eBook.  Each student will work on activities including cover design, securing marketing quotes, author biographies and book descriptions to launch their books on Amazon.  You'll be publishing with our partner publisher New Degree Press, and the student-author owns 100% of the rights and royalties of the book.  

Twenty-Five Copies from Us.  As a gift to you, we'll provide each author twenty-five copies of their books, and you'll be able to purchase copies of the book at cost.  

A National Launch Event.  We'll host a launch event for our authors to attend (likely in New York City or Washington, DC).  This is an opportunity to celebrate your work and bring together family and friends for the occasion.    


Program Cost.  The full program cost is $6,000, including the costs of the coaching, manuscript creation and the publishing/promotion.  This does not include travel to the launch event.

Conflicts/Timing.  The program will commence on June 4, 2018 and end on August 31, 2018.  We recognize that students may still be in school during some of these times, may have travel plans during the summer months or may have a summer sports schedule or part-time job. 

This program is designed to accommodate these sorts of things -- every lecture is recorded, and coaching sessions can be organized around your schedule.  If you are taking a vacation, we encourage you to bring along your laptop and use plane flights or downtime to keep up.  But we understand that schedules will require flexibility -- which is why we've built this program to work for busy students. We ask students to be prepared to make time for a 'half time' job for the summer working on your book, but the times you choose to do the work is flexible.

Scholarships.  We do not currently offer scholarships, and given the costs to run the program are unable to offer reduced rates for participation at this time.

International.  This program may be done by international students, but we ask that each student-author have strong written grasp of English and be willing to align schedules for coaching/lectures to the U.S. Eastern Time Zone.

More Information.  This program is a modified version of our Award-Winning bSchool program offered to college students and early career professionals.  The main difference is we'll offer a more intense and hands-on experience for manuscript creation -- including daily coaching, check-ins, greater network access, etc.  This is partially because we usually have 15 weeks to create manuscripts vs. the 12 week experience here, and partially because our high school authors may not have access to as many experts for interviewing.  

You can learn more on the site about the experiences of our authors.  Or visit www.Creator.Institute/FAQ to see more details about that program.

The  Admissions Process 


Our admission is selective -- largely because we want to keep class sizes small enough that we can deliver on our "coaching > lecturing" mantra.  

Most of our students view the summer bSchool program as a supplemental education experience designed to help them increase their competitiveness for college.  Less than 30 college students per year publish books -- and even fewer high school students -- so this program is designed to help you stand out.


When we look for a participant who is a good fit, we focus on a couple key things:

  • Do you have that entrepreneurial spark (are you a creator/doer)?

  • Are you coachable (open to feedback, suggestions and recommendations)?

  • Are you someone with aspirations to make a difference?

  • Do you have the openness necessarily to tell your story?

If this sounds like you, then we invite you to reach out.



Early Action Decision.   April 20, 2018 (Decision by April 24, 2018)

Regular Admission.  May 25, 2018 (Decision by May 27, 2018)  EXTENDED

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