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Create Your Diploma

How do you stand out?  How do you open doors?  How do you make pursuing your passion not feel like you are taking a big risk?

At Creator Institute, our programs help you learn-by-doing -- enabling you to discover your passion, develop your expertise and establish your credibility through the creation and launch of your very own book.

By completing the equivalent of a three-credit course in two back-to-back semester-long periods (a total of 9-months), you'll build your knowledge, create a book and launch something destined to change your trajectory.

It's unlike any course you've taken in college or graduate school because instead of a grade, you'll have a book in your hands that proves to the world you have learned. That's why we call this our bSchool program (for "Book School").



Why Create?

Professor Eric Koester developed this program at Georgetown University based on his cutting edge research into expertise and credibility.

Eric studied 3,400 of the most successful young people under the age of 30 -- each of the Forbes 30 under 30 alumni since 2011.  What Eric realized is that more than 85% of these individuals created something -- a book, a podcast, a video series, a conference or something similar.  And that act of creation helped demonstrate expertise and create credibility in hyper-powerful ways.

Armed with the knowledge that today success comes from creating credibility from our actions rather than borrowing credibility from our colleges or jobs, he designed this nine-month, hands-on experience to coach and support people in their efforts to create something they're passionate about.  The result is the Creator Institute which has delivered its programs to hundreds of creators.

Watch Eric's recent talk on the power of creating credibility.


Success Stories


Matthew Busel

Landed a job in VR startup despite not being technical


Shiv Jhanghiani

Hired to work on football scouting project in India 


Monica Fritz

Received multiple job offers in beer & liquor industry


Cole Brown

Signed by Book Agent based on program manuscript


Jaclyn DiGregorio

Launched CUSP 365 & completed $20,000 Kickstarter



Will McDonald

Hired as Venture Capitalist without an MBA

Antonia Liu

Worked at Master Class despite no job roles posted


Franklin Lee

Developing Virtual Reality Hotelling Startup


Ricky Paredes

Developed relationships in Professional Sports


Cody Backer

Created Veteran Coaching Business

How this works

Creating a book is a challenging proposition but we have figured out a way to make the process attainable for nearly anyone.


Only about one in eight people are fulfilled at work and in life.  Researchers from Purdue University wanted to know what the one who is fulfilled did differently than the other seven.  They found two main things:

1. They worked on a meaningful project or projects that took them more than six months; and 

2. They had a coach or mentor to help them during that process.

Creator Institute's bSchool program is a coached experience with a team guiding each creator through their personal and customized journey across 8 key modules of creation.  

Creators are a part of a cohort of others that share their journey and steps along the way.  That group-experience builds community and helps creator-authors build a shared understanding.


Let's Get Started

Professor Koester and Creator Institute have designed a variety of 'creation' programs -- open source programs for college and graduate schools, programs for local groups or fully-coached programs -- the goal is to make creating your first book, podcast or video series accessible.  Through this award-winning process, you'll develop expertise in a topic and establish the credibility to open doors to dream jobs, startup success or simply creating new opportunities.

Are you a college student or graduate student looking to create your first book, podcast season or video show? Join or start one of our new open-source campus programs designed to enable YOU to be a part of a group of fellow creators. These programs are no-cost to join (authors are each responsible to cover their editor.)


In all our programs, we leverage Quip and Zoom HD video conferencing to create connection, urgency and public projects. The program and workload is equivalent to taking two 3-credit college-level classes in back-to-back semesters (but instead of a grade at the end, you publish your book!)


For students enrolled in a qualified college, you may be able to earn credit through your home institution for the program.


Develop Your Goals & Topic

  • Every author begins their journey with a conversation with Professor Koester.

  • Get access to his 'finding your book and podcast idea' course to discover your own Creation Event.


Build Your Knowledge

  • You'll get access our network of more than 45,000 experts as interview subjects for your book. 

  • We'll train you with our "Five Minute Favor" outreach technique to grow your network and access top experts to develop your book. 


Complete Your Book Manuscript

  • You'll participate with a group of authors to collaborate together as you work step-by-step to develop your topic into a book.

  • Every author is partnered with a developmental editor to get real-time feedback, learn how to become a great story teller, and showcase the depth of knowledge you've gained.


  • Of course if you write a good manuscript, authors hope to get it published and Professor Koester will help all authors understand their publishing options today through his course

  • Approved authors may choose to publish their manuscript through the Creator Institute-New Degree Press partnership 

  • Authors always retain complete rights ownership, including 100% of royalties

Published Book

Launch & Market You (and Your Book)

  • Throughout the programs, you'll learn how to build an audience for your book -- and market you (and the book)

  • Understand book distribution (how to get your book into stores and online)



Ok, Let's Go!

If you are interested in participating in one of our upcoming bSchool programs, please fill out this form. 


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